Hello, I’m Kata, UX researcher, designer and product strategist helping German and British businesses on their way towards better services for the people they dearly care about.

Kata Spychala portrait illustration

Working remotely and often in

B E R L I N | M U N I C H | L O N D O N

offered services

What I can do for your business?

Workshops & Research

Validating assumptions, mental models and reality check through workshops: product vision, value proposition, design studio, design principles etc.

Testing to learn and improve. Creating guidelines and written scripts for user interviews both B2B and B2C. Conduct and evaluate user research:
– interviews
– surveys
– Hotjar, Playbook UX
– collab with targeted user recruiting partners

Product Strategy

Providing UX recommendations based on gathered qualitative and quantitative data to inform UX and business decisions

Reporting findings in Miro (Wall of Justice), User empathy maps etc.

Creating deep dive reports in Google Slides, supported by diagrams and infographics

Defining product scope and priorities for development: short-term, mid-term, long-term

UX Design

UX deliverables:
– user personas
– user / customer journeys
– user empathy maps
– process flows
– site maps
– wireframes
– low-fidelity UI design
– prototyping in Figma and InVision

How I do it?

β†’ Various workshop formats where Iβ€˜ll help you understand the chances and obstacles, help you decide, or pivot. But far and foremost, to bring stakeholders to one table so everyoneβ€˜s involved in developing the product/service.

β†’ Collaborative and empathic leading – inspiring your team, mentoring

β†’ Adaptable UX strategy process based on my experience, constant learning and gathering knowledge from the best (e.g. IDEOβ€˜s Leading Complex Projects course).

Client | deutsche telekom ag

Mobile WebApp for What We Value campaign on 12 European markets

See case study β†’

Client | E.ON
Data Innovation & Monetisation

Sophia tool for B2B – knowledge management with data science and ML

See case study β†’

Keen to see more?

Most of my work is on NDAs and that’s great for the business, but not so good for an online portfolio.